Our primary target market is made up of breeders, farmers and potential investors coming from South Africa’s growing Middle Market who primarily want superior genetics from a trusted partner.
Babirwa Wildlife aims to be recognised as a trusted breeder of the finest genetics. Our extended vision is to be recognised as bringing value to the industry through our thought leadership. This brand identity has been developed with these two objectives in mind…

“At Babirwa we trust in the future because of our intensive efforts invested in the past. 

We believe it is of utmost importance to establish a solid foundation before building on it. We have a diversified gene pool of animals and we will continue to selectively breed the very best genetics for the future. Babirwa endeavours to provide excellent animals for the game industry, whether it be for long standing established breeders, or new entrants in the market. 

We look forward to a prosperous 2021 and are ready to face any challenges head on!”



In the heart of the picturesque, naturally beautiful Waterberg lies Buffalo Creek Game Ranch just outside of Rooiberg in Limpopo. Buffalo Creek consists of 3 adjacent, separately fenced farms where Wicus & Hannes Pretorius, breed several rare game species on 6500ha. This enterprise started in 2004 when Wicus acquired the farms that had always been his dream due to his lifelong love for nature and African game…

“Although the wildlife industry is experiencing tough times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is up to us as passionate wildlife ranchers / game breeders to push forward, towards the light.

There are definitely numerous opportunities and avenues yet to be explored in the wildlife industry in South Africa. At Buffalo Creek we are committed to long-term sustainability through our ability to adapt and diversify. 

Our passion has always been the breeding of exceptional disease-free Buffalo from only the best and performance proven East African bloodlines. We will persist and maintain investment to keep on providing the industry with these superior, scarce genetics. 

Our vision is to create a lasting wildlife legacy with faith, ingenuity, perseverance, and true commitment as our cornerstones.” 



New Wycombe is proud to offer world-class Livingstone eland genetics sourced and bred from top genetic lines across the country…

“New Wycombe has been breeding with a wide variety of species of game for over 12 years . Our primary goal has always been to produce the best quality animals possible from top genetics for the breeding industry and as a byproduct, the hunting market. The last year or two has seen many changes and new challenges in the industry which have necessitated a rethink of our primary strategies and focus.

 The current revenue versus costs in game farming has forced farmers to strike a balance between exceptional genetic selection and the limitation of herd sizes.

Hunting will no longer be an offshoot of our breeding programme but will rather be an integral part of it.

For the industry to be sustainable the return on investment will need to be adequate. If not, the land will be put other uses and thousands of hectares will be lost to conservation.  

New Wycombe will use the current market reset to adapt and improve so as to ultimately have a better product offering.”



Having grown up with a strong passion for the African bush and its wildlife, Poon Liebenberg started buying up a number of bush encroached cattle farms north of the Dwarsberg in 2001. From a small beginning, the total area now covers 6700ha. Two farms making up 5200ha are set aside purely for conservation. The farms Bloemhof and Stellenbosch are used for breeding disease-free African Buffalo, sable, black impala and golden wildebeest…

“We have adapted our vision to focus very clearly on where we believe our strength and passion to lie:

To continuously build on and improve our reputation as a breeder of exceptional and highly sought after buffalo breeding bulls of the unique Madikwe genetic line. This will contribute to the success of the industry and provide valuable genetics to other buffalo breeders.

A clear long term vision is critical at this difficult time for the industry. While the challenges of the current situation around the Covid crisis tend to focus us on the present, maintaining our long term vision for the farm will pay off, and is what will keep our passion alive through any hardship.”



Romaco Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch situated in the breathtakingly beautiful valley of the Waterberg Mountains in the Limpopo Province- the heart of the game industry in South-Africa. Being approximately 220km north of Johannesburg, Romaco Ranch is located just on the outskirts of Modimolle and Mookgophong formerly known as Nylstroom & Naboomspruit.

After the passing of Ellalien’s late father Mr Jimie Malan who had been farming in this area since the early 80’s, Romaco Ranch was founded in 2000 and named after Colin and Ellalien’s 3 sons- Rodney, Malan and Colin…

“They say that 90% of a farmers problems dissolves in rainwater, while the remaining 10% is to keep on moving forward and to improve all aspects of your operations. This includes having the best genetics to breed and supply animals that will always be in demand. We at Romaco believe that the problems as a result of Covid will soon be a thing of the past, and we can continue to focus on what truly matters!

 Difficult times are sometimes a blessing in disguise as it forces you to re-evaluate and make new plans which will be more beneficial in the long term. We realised that it is necessary to diversify and make use of all the pillars that the game industry has to offer which includes: Hunting (Local & International), Meat Production, Breeding and Tourism. Therefore we can generate maximum revenue from the full value chain while still working with the animals that we love.”



Zonnebloem Wildlife is a game farm that breeds quality genetics for both the commercial farmer as well as the high end breeder…

“Actions speak louder than words.

The wildlife farming industry finds itself amidst very interesting and challenging times in terms of the economic environment and external factors such as the Covid pandemic.

These factors have a detrimental impact on our industry. The industry has to adapt to, and manage, these challenges to the benefit of the participants within the industry. The industry is fortunate to have a number of passionate farmers who are committed to the industry, not compromising on breeding standards, animal care and record keeping. They will continue to provide the industry with animals of exceptional quality from the best and proven bloodlines.

My vision is that passion and commitment has to form the basis of our efforts, and will most certainly see us through. I am of the opinion that we will most definitely reap the benefits of our blood, sweat and tears. 

We at Zonnebloem Wildlife still remain committed and passionate to breed the best for the best. Our genetics will compliment any herd.” 




With over 50 years experience the newly founded Wildlife Legacy consists of some of the most reputable breeders in the country. Driven by passion for wildlife and backed with extensive knowledge and experience each breeder brings a unique touch to the group.

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